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Board of Directors

Jeff Grant - Vice President

Bill Bengen - President

Kent Adams - Secretary

Bob Bulakowski - Treasurer

Ron Bechke - Director

Maude Ruffin - Director

Bill Bengen


SaddleBrooke resident since September 2019

BS in Aeronautics & Astronautics, MIT (1969). CEO of family soft drink bottling operation in metro NYC area (1982-1987). Independent fee-only financial advisor, 1988-2013. Developer of the “4% rule” for retirement withdrawals. Recipient of the Robert J Underwood Distinguished Service Award from the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (2014). Currently aspiring novelist and financial researcher (4% rule).


Clubs/activities: Tennis Club, SaddleBrooke Mens Golf Association, Fun Bridge Club, walking, Singles Club, SkyGazers Club, United SaddleBrooke Club, Bereavement Support Group


Jeff Grant


SaddleBrooke resident since November 2019

Retired- Business Telecommunications Sales

Clubs/Activities:  SaddleBrooke Pickleball Association (2021/2022 BoD), United SaddleBrooke Club, Graphic Design, Photo Editing, Website Design


Bob Bulakowski


SaddleBrooke Resident since 2001

Retired – Independent community pharmacist

Clubs/Activities:  United SaddleBrooke, Founding president of SaddleBrooke Dog Park Association


Kent Adams


SaddleBrooke owner for 7 years, Full-time Resident for 3 years

Semi-retired work 40% of time

Clubs/Activities: Play tennis, cards, and workout, Volunteer with SCORE part of SBA for startup business


Ron Bechky


SaddleBrooke resident since 1997

Retired- Certified Financial Analyst 1973, Security Analyst, Securities trader

Clubs/Acitivites: Tennis club, Ballroom dance clubs, HOA2 Unit rep for Unit 17, STPO board, Sights and Sounds (SB tv station) President, Senior Village board, DesertView Cinema Club President 

Maude Ruffin


SaddleBrooke resident since 2009,   She and her husband moved here from Florida but has had residences in Paris,France; Houston,TX; NY,NJ and northern CA

Professionally she has had a career in International Banking followed by her own International Consulting business which catered to European companies entering the U.S. market

Clubs/Activites: Vice President & President of the Mountain View Ladies Putters, active Committee member of the SB Pickleball Association, Spin, Water & land Aerobics, and Yoga


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