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Board of Directors

Bill Bengen - President

Kent Adams - Secretary

Bob Bulakowski - Treasurer

Ron Bechky - Director

Bill Bengen


SaddleBrooke resident since September 2019

BS in Aeronautics & Astronautics, MIT (1969). CEO of family soft drink bottling operation in metro NYC area (1982-1987). Independent fee-only financial advisor, 1988-2013. Developer of the “4% rule” for retirement withdrawals. Recipient of the Robert J Underwood Distinguished Service Award from the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (2014). Currently aspiring novelist and financial researcher (4% rule).


Clubs/activities: Tennis Club, SaddleBrooke Mens Golf Association, Fun Bridge Club, walking, Singles Club, SkyGazers Club, United SaddleBrooke Club, Bereavement Support Group


Jeff Grant


SaddleBrooke resident since November 2019

Retired- Business Telecommunications Sales

Clubs/Activities:  SaddleBrooke Pickleball Association (2021/2022 BoD), United SaddleBrooke Club, Graphic Design, Photo Editing, Website Design


Bob Bulakowski


SaddleBrooke Resident since 2001

Retired – Independent community pharmacist

Clubs/Activities:  United SaddleBrooke, Founding president of SaddleBrooke Dog Park Association


Kent Adams


SaddleBrooke owner for 7 years, Full-time Resident for 3 years

Semi-retired work 40% of time

Clubs/Activities: Play tennis, cards, and workout, Volunteer with SCORE part of SBA for startup business


Ron Bechky


SaddleBrooke resident since 1997

Retired- Certified Financial Analyst 1973, Security Analyst, Securities trader

Clubs/Acitivites: Tennis club, Ballroom dance clubs, HOA2 Unit rep for Unit 17, STPO board, Sights and Sounds (SB tv station) President, Senior Village board, DesertView Cinema Club President 


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