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Fact Based Research

Good Ideas Ignored

The concept of uniting the two SaddleBrooke HOAs is hardly new. “Brookers” have talked about it for a long time.... It may surprise many residents, however, that committees of their own HOA boards have been advocating such a course for years!



In September of 2021, after months of negotiation, SaddleBrooke HOA1 and HOA2 signed a document titled the “Reciprocal Use Agreement (RUA).”  The purpose of this agreement is to provide access for each HOA’s residents to the other HOA’s amenities and facilities.

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A Case for Unified Marketing

When people search for their ideal retirement community, they often scour the internet for listings of “The Best Retirement Communities.” In this essay, we will exam three of those sources, to gain a sense of how SaddleBrooke is faring against its competition.



What does cooperation between SaddleBrooke ONE and SaddleBrooke TWO look like? Each association defined cooperation in their April 2022 Joint Statement on cooperation. 

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