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The Next Big Thing - by Bob Bulakowski

If you are reading this then you are in the right place at the right time to be part of the “NEXT BIG THING.” The United SaddleBrooke club is having our first general meeting on January 10, 2022. Current and future members are invited.

I am always given positive reaction by my fellow “SaddelBrookers” when I bring up the concept of merging the two HOA’s into a single entity for all the residents of our beautiful community. Why is there a need for two HOA’s in the first place, I’m asked. Then they continue talking about it by sharing comments like, “I don’t get it”, “Makes sense to me”, or “It’s about time”. I’ll bet you have experienced similar dialogue. Well, the time has come to seriously explore the benefits of such a merger. That’s where you come in.

Please join us on January 10, 2022, 10 am, in the Saguaro room at the Mountain View clubhouse. Sign up in support of our mission. Become a member of UNITED SADDLEBROOKE and help shape the future of your SaddleBrooke community. Learn what we are about and how we started. Meet the Board of Directors and share your thoughts about moving forward to a bigger, brighter, and more unified SaddleBrooke.

Most of us living in SaddleBrooke want harmony and community that is unified, not separated by who has what amenities and policies that are similar yet different. The ALC and Common Area Maintenance first come to mind. The most relevant time for knowing if you live in SaddleBrooke ONE or SaddleBrooke TWO is when you write your community service fee check. United SaddleBrooke sees one check, one community, and one common future free to take advantage of what each HOA offers without exception. As the saying goes “We Can Do This” and with your support we will do this.

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