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Thank You, SaddleBrooke! - Bill Bengen

We are pleased to announce that your organization, United SaddleBrooke, has just reached the important milestone of 400 supporters, which includes 180 members and 220 email subscribers. This feat was accomplished in only three months, which is an amazing rate of growth. United SaddleBrooke is now one of the largest organizations in the community, and we continue to add more than 100 new supporters each month.

This rapid growth has been possible only because so many of you have stepped up to support the vision of a unified SaddleBrooke. You are all a constant source of inspiration to us who serve on your board. We learn new things from you every day, and you provide wonderful ideas and suggestions for us to follow up on. Truly, this is an organization that is driven by the dream of its members: SaddleBrooke will be a better place to live in with increased cooperation between the two HOA boards. It will be nirvana when the two HOAs are eventually merged.

Recently, a group of volunteers has been walking or driving the streets of SaddleBrooke, distributing flyers in mailbox tubes. Thanks again for your strong response to this membership drive! So far, we have covered more than 80% of the community, or over 4,000 homes. Our supporters are divided 36% in HOA1 and 64% in HOA2, which is close to the percentage of residents living in each HOA. United SaddleBrooke is truly representative of the entire community.

Many of you, when signing up to join United SaddleBrooke, made comments on your application forms. Following is a selection of those comments which we found most intriguing and inspiring:

“I am totally in favor of a unified SaddleBrooke. Seems like a single unit making decisions for SaddleBrooke instead of two separate bodies trying to co-exist as a single unit, is the commonsense decision moving forward. Shed the silly excuses for separation and focus on the Unity of the SaddleBrooke community.”

“I agree with the vision of unification. When we purchased here one year ago with the Saddlebrooke community being our ultimate forever home, we found out rather quickly that if there was one thing that we could change in what seemed to be a perfect community.”

“Please count me in as a supporter of efforts to eliminate the conflict between these two organizations.”

“I believe a single HOA is what's needed to keep this community as good as it can be, for everyone.”

“Congratulations on getting this idea out in the open.”

“Let’s do this!”

“Divergent thinking created America. Cooperation is what helps us all grow and develop.”

“I think this is a GREAT idea! It’s way too divided & complicated now.”

“It’s about time!”

“This makes total sense.”

“Totally agree with what you're trying to do. Let's have one Saddlebrooke.”

“Just want to be one big happy family.”

“Embrace change; it’s the only constant. It helps us all grow and develop as individuals as we learn to be kind, respectful and more caring towards one another.”

“One administration, one board of directors, amenities for all, one set of rules and regulations - one united Saddlebrooke!”

It’s clear from the above comments that residents of SaddleBrooke have strong, deep-seated feelings about unification. We have heard you, and we are working harder than ever to bring about the result we all desire. As they say, keep those cards and letters coming, folks!

Board of Directors, United SaddleBrooke

PS - As a grassroots organization, we rely on you to continue to spread the word. If you believe in our cause, please reach out to everyone you know in SaddleBrooke. Send them a link to our website. Ask them to join us. There is strength in numbers. The larger we get, the louder our collective voice becomes.

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