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Updated: Jul 18, 2022

It is crucial for the long-term success of United SaddleBrooke’s vision that our two HOA Boards contain directors who are sympathetic to the goals of our organization: increased inter-board cooperation in the short term, merger in the long term. Only the HOA Boards can “make things happen” in this community. Homeowners propose, but the Boards dispose. That is how the system works.

Thus, we take a keen interest in any HOA Board election and in the candidates. This applies to the current HOA2 special election to fill a Board position being vacated by a departing director. There are two candidates, Terry Marchione and Campbell Chaney. The US Board attempted to contact each candidate for a meeting to familiarize them with our organization and seek their support for our objectives.

Several US Board members met recently with Terry Marchione. He impressed us with his intelligent, pragmatic approach to government, as well as his fiscally conservative outlook. While he stopped short of an outright endorsement of US, he did express a positive interest in an eventual merger, recognizing the current obstacles. He also said much could be done short of a merger, which is our view as well. We believe he would make an excellent addition to the HOA2 Board.

Mr. Chaney has been out of town. We hope to meet with him next week to familiarize him with our organization and assess his qualifications as a potential director.


We had breakfast recently with Campbell Chaney, the second candidate in the HOA2 special election. We found Mr. Chaney intelligent, articulate, and with strong credentials in the financial realm. Having met with both candidates, we prefer Terry Marchione at this time because of his longer experience in the community, and his explicit commitment to improving inter-board cooperation. However, should Mr. Chaney not succeed in this election, we hope he considers running for a Board position in the future, as he would likely make a formidable candidate

We hope all our supporters in HOA2 carefully weigh the merits of each candidate, particularly the likelihood of their support of United SaddleBrooke objectives. Above all, please vote in this election. Your vote could make the difference!

Please visit our website at

Board of Directors

United SaddleBrooke

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Dominic Borland
Dominic Borland
Jul 09, 2022

My vote already went to Terry Marchione already. After reading both resumes it was an easy decision for us to make. I did not like the resume where Mr. Chaney said nothing about saving the HOA money or an attempt at unifying the HOA's..

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