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To all our Members and Subscribers in United SaddleBrooke:

Thank you for participating in the United SaddleBrooke movement. In just 6 short weeks, we have over 100 members, almost 300 subscribers to our blog, and more than 1,100 unique visitors to our website. That’s quite an accomplishment!

But, in order for our voice to be heard by the HOA Boards, we need this grassroots campaign to keep growing. That’s where you come in!

This Valentine’s Day, we are asking you to participate in our “Spread the Love Valentine’s Day Email Campaign.” If every one of our subscribers were to send an email to 20 SaddleBrooke residents, we will reach almost 6,000 people in just a couple days. Sure, there will be many duplicates, but that’s okay because those people will send emails to more people. And, pretty soon, we’ll reach everyone in our community.

Please participate by following the instructions below. Do not wait. Act Now!

Thank You,

United SaddleBrooke Board of Directors


  1. Please highlight and copy the message below.

  2. Then create a new email.

  3. Paste the message you just copied into the body of the email.

  4. Put your own email address in the “TO” field.

  5. In the “BCC” field, include the email addresses of up to 20 people you know

  6. In the "Subject" Field, write "Spread the Love - United SaddleBrooke"

  7. Click the "Send" button

If you want to send it to more than 20 people, please just start a new email. This helps protect your message from going to “Junk” mailboxes.



Dear Friends,

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’ve joined a new SaddleBrooke Club called United SaddleBrooke ( and thought you might be interested in what we’re doing. Our Vision is to unite SaddleBrooke’s two HOAs into one community. We believe this will improve the quality of life for every homeowner in both the near and long term.

In 6 short weeks, we have over 100 members, almost 300 subscribers to our blog, and upwards of 1,100 unique visitors to our website. But, to affect change in SaddleBrooke, we need many more people to join our ranks.

YOU CAN HELP!! This Valentine’s Day, please SPREAD THE LOVE you have of SaddleBrooke by forwarding this email to everyone you know. There’s power in numbers and the only way we can reach everyone is truly through a grassroots effort. Send it to your friends, your neighbors, your Unit Reps and your club mates. Together, United, we can make a difference for all of SaddleBrooke.

Thank you!

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