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As a board, we weren’t certain what to expect. Would the first Members’ meeting of the United SaddleBrooke Club fill up half the chairs in the room? Two-thirds? As it turned out, the custodian had to bring in half a dozen extra chairs to seat all the attendees. The room was packed. We thank all those who attended, and hope you got a lot out of the meeting.

The first half of the meeting was devoted to an explanation by the six directors of how the Club was designed to work. In summary form:

Vision: Two HOAs merged into one. One SaddleBrooke, restored to its original vision. One community.

Mission: The Club is a venue to research, discuss and actively promote the unification of SaddleBrooke.

Structure- Three committees:

  • Research committee: to uncover the facts about unification. (Just the facts, ma’am)

  • Community Outreach committee: Build membership and community support for unification

  • HOA Board Outreach committee: Make our case for unification to the two HOA boards

What can you do to help? Plenty:

  • Subscribe on our website ( for free e-mail updates.

  • Join us as a member! Only $20 per year. Complete instructions on our website.

  • Volunteer to serve on committees. We are seeking qualified people with skills in accounting, legal, marketing, communications, real estate, and HOA mergers.

  • Educate yourself on the issues on our website. Look under the “Facts” tab.

  • Spread the word! Tell your friends and neighbors to visit our website.

  • HOA1 residents: please be sure to complete the Homeowner survey, soon to be released.

It’s all about numbers. In just a few short weeks, almost 200 “Brookers” have subscribed to our e-mails, and more than 50 have joined us a dues-paying members. In a very short time, we have become one of the largest clubs in SaddleBrooke, and this is just the beginning. The more participants we have, the more clout we have!

The second half of the meeting was devoted to questions and comments from the audience. Thanks for all the bright observations. We took notes, and we will follow up on every good idea. As a grassroots organization, we are driven by input from our members. We are working together toward a goal which will benefit everyone in our community.

Future board meetings, which will be open to members and the public, will be built around a single topic concerning unification. We hope to make them educational, entertaining, and interactive. And don’t forget to visit us at booth #57 at the January 22nd HOA2 Recreation & Activities Fair at MountainView. Bring a friend!

Bill Bengen, President

United SaddleBrooke Club

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