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New Blood, Fresh Ideas

It’s true that United SaddleBrooke is all about increased cooperation between the two HOA Boards (and eventually a merger). We think that this will secure more effective operations, reduce costs, and restore a sense of unity to the community. All three of these areas have suffered under our inefficient two-HOA system, and we as homeowners have paid the price, time and time again.

But none of this is possible without top-notch HOA Board members running the show. A community is only as good as its governance. We need the best and brightest in SaddleBrooke serving on our Boards, and we need them now. We need people with the vision to recognize the problems created by our two-Board system, the imagination to create solutions, and the courage to implement those plans.

This November, three positions are open for election on the HOA1 Board, and two on the HOA2 Board. That’s five out of a total of only fourteen positions! Rarely does a community have an opportunity to “re-make” its Boards in one fell swoop. Truly, this is the most important election in SaddleBrooke history.

Are there capable people currently serving on our Boards? You bet there are! But it’s time to elect some new blood, with new ideas, to help existing Board members make the changes required in this community. The old ways of doing things in SaddleBrooke simply won’t cut it anymore.

More than two hundred years ago, Alexis de Tocqueville, author of “Democracy in America”, wrote “In a democracy, the people get the government they deserve.” It’s time for SaddleBrookers to demonstrate that they deserve far more than they are currently receiving. It’s time to elect new Board members who will listen to what we want, and not ignore it. It’s time to get Board members in place who will give us the amenities we desire, protect our home values, make operations more efficient and restore SaddleBrooke to its rightful place as the best among active adult communities.

Are you interested in running for a Board position? Would you like some help in promoting your name and ideas within the community? Do you believe in our vision of one, unified SaddleBrooke? If so, please contact U.S. no later than October 15th, 2022 ( United SaddleBrooke is actively seeking candidates to support in the upcoming elections. We’ll be stuffing tubes with information on our endorsements, holding social events/meetings and conducting mass email campaigns to promote select candidates to the community.

Come November, it’s up to all of us to vote, and vote smart. Can SaddleBrooke count on you? We all hope so!

United SaddleBrooke Board of Directors

Please visit our website at:

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Our SB community is only as strong as the people who call it "home". And "home" is a place of pride, safety, and family. Family is defined as a group of similar or related things. SB ceased to be a family when divisiveness became the norm. Divisiveness remains the driving factor of a handful of people who currently are not listening to the wishes of the majority of our SB family members. Our community deserves better. Our community deserves to be united, as it was intended to be. SB is our home.

Me gusta

Great article. It is way past the time to get "new blood" on our Boards, people who will make an effort to unify our communities!

Me gusta
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