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Long Range Planning for SaddleBrooke

PLEASE NOTE: THE MAY 17th MEETING HAS BEEN CANCELED DUE TO SCHEDULING CONFLICTS. Our next community meeting is June 21, 2023. Join the discussion. Details at .

United SaddleBrooke encourages long-range planning for SaddleBrooke. It is essential. HOA2 has launched an important strategic planning initiative lead by its board and supported by a professional consulting company, The McMahon Group. This planning effort should update the combined long range planning report issued March 2020 by the joint efforts HOA1 Long Range Planning Committee and HOA2 Strategic Planning Committee (available for view by clicking here).

Based on the HOA2 Board presentation of the details of this strategic planning initiative, United SaddleBrooke has some concerns, however. We think the HOA2 Board, consultants, and whole community should:

· Understand the changing demographics in SaddleBrooke and their impact on current and future needs

· Review and further research trends in both national and Arizona HOA communities

· Review and comment on the March2020 long range planning committee document

· Consider HOA1 and its role in the SaddleBrooke community

· Consider HOA1 long range plans

· Determine how HOA1 and HOA2 can equitably share the cost of amenities

· Examine if the current model is the best way to manage SaddleBrooke now and in 10 years

United SaddleBrooke passionately believes a divided community is a path to failure and is committed to sharing ideas and perspectives about the future of SaddleBrooke. Please sign up at and get involved.

US enables your voice to be heard in the community and holds regular community meetings – for listening and contributing – on important issues facing SaddleBrooke.

PLEASE NOTE: THE MAY 17th MEETING HAS BEEN CANCELED DUE TO SCHEDULING CONFLICTS. Our next community meeting is June 21, 2023. Join the discussion. Details at .

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Oct 23, 2023

For those who harp on the assumption that when individuals bought here the golf courses were already here. Not totally true. I bought in HOA 2 in the year ‘01 and there was only Mountain View. The Preserve GC was basically a pipe dream. Being a snowbird, I was shocked to see the construction taking place on MV golf course this year. My daughter has been a PGA teacher for 15 years. She told me, during the transfer of ownership with Robson, that 3,000 golf courses in America were closing every year, I was one of the 360+ households that voted against buying the two golf courses. I would say the minority was correct in knowing the two golf courses…


George Miller
George Miller
May 16, 2023

I agree in a United SaddleBrooke. At present we don't seem to be focused on the future. The HOA2 BOARD is not receptive to the residents. Witness the fact that they recently said they would give us 21. days to review their suggestions regarding space to expand the fit ness center. They had already made plans to shut down the Mesquite Grill and move the golf shop without considering our input. Why the 21 day feedback when it was a foregone conclusion that they already were going ahead with THEIR plan??

Replying to

Without across the board cooperation or unification SaddleBrooke will become self limiting. Without a 10-20-30 year RUA, SaddleBrook’s attraction will die. Without a philosophical change of mind by both HOA boards SaddleBrook is destined to remain in its self- inflicted quagmire.

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