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Call to Action – By Jeff Grant

A United SaddleBrooke would be a great accomplishment. It is such a simple concept. We’re in this together. We’re better together. We’re stronger together. We’ll go farther together.

But, Uniting SaddleBrooke will be a complex endeavor. How do we unite? When do we unite? What is the correct legal path towards eventual merger? Who will be our leaders when it’s all said and done? How will the finances work? How will annual dues work? What other obstacles do we need to overcome? There are so many questions and we don’t have most of the answers yet.

That’s ok. Great things are usually easy to understand. But nobody ever said that achieving great things was easy. In fact, realizing greatness usually takes time, effort and money. Most of all, attaining greatness requires tremendous amounts of commitment and a lot of passion from many people.

We’re just getting started on this journey and we could really use your help.

A Call to Action:

1. Subscribe: If you haven’t done so yet, please subscribe to our Blog. We’ll post new information, ideas and opinions from our members and community leaders. From time to time we may send out a survey or we may ask you to attend important meetings regarding the future of SaddleBrooke.

2. Join: Be the change you want to see. United SaddleBrooke is a sanctioned club of both HOA1 and HOA2. We hold regularly scheduled meetings to discuss how we, as an organization, can effect change in SaddleBrooke. Membership costs $20 per year and gains you access to club meetings, voting rights on key decisions, the ability to contribute to Blog posts and other insights. 100% of our club dues go towards supporting the vision of One United SaddleBrooke.

3. Spread the Word: This is a grassroots effort. There’s tremendous power in numbers. We need as many SaddleBrooke homeowners as possible to join our ranks either by subscribing to our mailing list or joining the club as active members. You can help by telling everyone you know about this exciting opportunity to change SaddleBrooke for the better. The more people we have, the faster change will happen. Please reach out to your friends and acquaintances in SaddleBrooke to share the link to our website,

4. Volunteer: We need help running our website, maintaining our member base, researching fact-based information, analyzing financial documents, writing interesting content for our Blog and many other things. The residents of SaddleBrooke are an amazingly talented group of people. We would love to put your skills to work.

5. Visit Us: Save the dates! SaddleBrooke HOA-2 Recreation and Activities Fair will be held on Saturday, January 22, 2022. The event will run from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. Come visit us at Booth 57! Click Here for Details

6. Attend Our Meetings: Our next regularly scheduled meeting is February 17th, 2022. Click Here for Details

7. Donate: Maintaining websites and effectively marketing to the community takes money. Our low annual dues won’t be enough to ensure that everyone in SaddleBrooke is aware of our efforts. If you believe strongly in our cause and wish to donate, please contact our Treasurer, Bob Bulakowski. He can be reached at

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Henry Greenleaf
Henry Greenleaf
20 янв. 2022 г.

Great job Jeff! Hank Greenleaf

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